20 de junio de 2009

COURSES Office: ¡¡¡Teacher learn!!!

Photobucket Office technology courses are certainly of great importance not only for the preschool teacher, but for anyone at present, but why do I mention these courses in office? For some time I had noticed some fellow teachers who are preparing for a world order and the development of their children, I was crammed in q and slips little notes or endless notebooks and stuff.

This was so serious that sometimes in meetings with parents, my colleagues were not ordered anything at hand and by using their memory for information on this or that to save the child and often strenuous reunion. At first I thought that maybe the teachers did not use the office because it gave them the time or the vicissitudes of life they left with very little strength to do this work.

Q To find out eventually that it was not for that, but it was for lack of resources in the office! But What is Office automation? I ask a colleague had to explain the pre powerful tools that were available today, to explain about the package such as Microsoft Office and Open Office, which will help in development of his work and making more efficient performance.

Teacher, and today there is no reason not to use the tools of office automation tools such as Word, Excel, Power Point and Access, are at your full disposal. You can learn the basics of office technology courses that do not cost you anything, so now take a picture of the office, I suggest this course of office or do not cost a peso, you can view at: deseoaprender.com single copy and paste it into the Google toolbar.

And is also highly desirable to follow some of the many courses available on the Internet office, some of them are inexpensive and will give certificates which enriches your curriculum. You can explore some resources on this page, there are several courses of office of a variable price range and even free. Preschool teacher, remember that your hands will leave future generations, as these courses used to optimize your office and your time, there is no reason not to take advantage of the advances of this century.

Teacher: Ana Leonor Blanco B and Martin Vargas.

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